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March 20th, 2017

Evolution has always brought in a significant paradigm shift with most species and is especially evident in the evolution of the human beings. It forms a definitive piece of evidence for the process of evolution itself. So, when different generations begin to develop their own set of preferences, it’s only logical that we being petrolheads are bound to take note of the changes happening in our automotive preferences across the generations. With Gen-X and millennials reaching their earning adulthood, their car buying habits unearthed a rather interesting pattern. It is important to note the idea of classic cars created for the Gen-X and millennials have unsurprisingly shifted to the more modern cars of the 1980’s and 1990’s.


It’s not difficult to comprehend this fact considering how Gen-X and millennials have spent their childhood staring at their bedroom walls filled with posters of these classic cars. The evolution of individuality is also evident in the fact that this generation isn’t shy of following their desire towards unloved exotics.Classic cars 1966 FERRARI 275 GTBClassic cars of yesteryears like Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach have witnessed exponential price rises in auctions across the globe, facilitated by the alternative tastes acquire by the newer generations of car lovers. Also joining the list are air cooled Porsche’s such as the 356, 911, the front engine 944 turbo and 928 having reached their all-time high price in the current year. Even the less powerful smaller Porsche 356 has rocketed in value owing to its unconventional looks and their charming everyday usability. Moving to the Italian supercar giant, the mid-century cars from the prancing horse’s stable has always been a blue chip investment with classic car buyers, models such as Ferrari 250 SWB, 275 GTB/4 and the Daytona have sold at stratospheric prices through various classic car dealers. Even the less expensive Italian brands have found a considerable interest through the new generation of classic car collectors, with models like 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia, Lancia Delta Integrale and even the humble Fiat Dino V6 coupe fetching very decent prices through various auctions across Europe.

Classic Cars 1986 Lamborghini Countach 5000S QuattrovalvoleThe classic cars scene has therefore seen a radical shift from the conventional classics, with the ever changing tastes amongst the younger generation of buyers. It has never been a more exciting time for us to place bets on which yesteryear supercar, sportscar or general everyday runabout will don the next premiered collector’s badge.

Classic cars Porsche 356 1500 Super Speedster


Image source – Bonhams

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