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May 16th, 2017

The Cockpit by Ferrari Design is the latest collaboration between the Italian car maker with the Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau that combines brilliant automotive engineering and racing experience with excellent craftsmanship. It is a revolutionary office chair that blurs the line between work and play. The Cockpit has been conceived and designed under the leadership of Flavio Manzoni who is also the man behind the Techframe Ferrari Tourbillion Chronograph. Flavio and Poltrona Frau collaborated together to celebrate 70-years of Ferrari heritage with the Cockpit. It combines the pleasure of a racing seat and the creature comfort of a chair.

The Cockpit comes in two versions the President and the Executive.The President model, as the name suggests, is the competitive of the two has race inspired ergonomics of competitive racing seats that offer ample support to the top half of the body. The Executive model, on the other hand, adapts to survive, it has a low and narrow backrest that ensure freedom of movement. Both models are made from the same material that is used in the Ferrari car seats. The swivel shares the same design and mechanical elements of a steering wheel. It also shares the shades and finishes that are inspired from the seats found on the cars and can be customised in the terms of colours and materials.

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Image Source – Poltrona Frau

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