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on April 20th, 2017

Workshops can be unassumingly boring for everyone but the wrenchmonkeys. They are often filled with oily floors, greasy automobile parts and tools that make uncomfortable teeth-chattering noises that resonate across the empty spaces. But in Montijo, Portugal there is one workshop that has a completely different approach to classic car restoration where they create their own vibe around of automotive culture and lifestyle.

Their style of living and soaking sun at the sunny beaches of Lisbon are easy to envy. Perhaps that’s an emotion they love inducing, or perhaps it’s a visual cue to how classic Land Rover, Mini and Porsche cars are actually supposed to be enjoyed. If you are still second guessing who we are talking about then you really haven’t been a part of the classic car lifestyle for long. We are ofcourse talking about the unmissable cool classic car workshop that’s constantly and exclusively being delivered by the guys at Cool & Vintage.

We have covered Cool & Vintage before at many occasions. We’ve got the opportunity to document their fantastic Land Rover restorations and a supercool Alfa Romeo. But this is the first time that we get an inside peek into their unconventional and sub-zero cool classic car workshop thanks to co-founder Ricardo Pessoa who we bugged enough to send us photos of the place. And boy are we happy we did!

Cool & Vintage’s workshop looks less like a place where classic and vintage Land Rovers get restored and looks more like a retro-modernist’s idea of the perfect man cave. I can imagine Ricardo hanging out on the comfy looking sofa that lies in front of the Mini Cooper that’s casually placed on top of a Land Rover Defender. The most perfect piece of deco one can have… Starting to envisions the next piece of film that consists of jaw-dropping scenery, lovely cars and off course, some of the loveliest ladies that are to be found on the beaches of Portugal. Jealous yet?

It isn’t all fun an games as Ricardo tells us though. There are cars to be restored, shoots to be planned, collaborations to be discussed on top of all the travelling that takes Ricardo across Europe on a regular basis. The guys at Cool & Vintage are already booked with pre-orders for the rest of the year, but you won’t find Ricardo stressed about it as they are lined up nicely for delivery. It’s hard to find anyone else who has struck a better balance between serious business, beach life and creating the coolest classic car content on the planet.

Amazing stuff guys! Like you say on your website “No one likes to wake up to the smell of Oatmeal”… We agree and just like you, we too love the smell of dirty bacon sizzling in the morning over a couple of hot, black coffee anyday. Cheers to life and as always, #Stopwaitingforfriday.

All Images via Cool & Vintage

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