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The Costa Rica Adventure Tours for Motorcyclists are a perfect way to witness the paradise

It was in 1993 when Jurassic Park immortalized Costa Rica’s name in the minds of everyone on the planet. As the voice over talked about the fictional Isla Nublar, an islet 80 miles from Costa Rica, we knew we were in for an epic adventure. Almost 25 years later, nothing has changed and for Costa Rica and its surroundings are still the land of epic adventures and stories. A couple of years ago, Chris Patt and his delicious Triumph Scrambler got our attention in the recent Jurassic Park installment and ever since we have been thinking about Costa Rica Adventure Tours for Motorcyclists. But of course, there aren’t any dinosaurs involved and that’s the only sad thing we can think about this topic.

 Costa Rica Adventure Tours for Motorcyclists

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The Republic of Costa Rica is a Central American country bordered by Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Costa Rica’s neighbouring countries are Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador. Majority of Costa Rica’s 4.5 million citizens live in and around its capital San José. The country is a dream land for anyone in love with the untouched nature. Costa Rica has also cashed in with eco-tourism with its incredible backwaters that remained free of the colonial excesses and have remained pure. And it is not all, this tiny country has been bestowed with natural breathtaking scenery filled beaches and biodiversity. The misty volcanoes, roaring rivers, and lush jungles of Costa Rica consist of exotic fauna. Then there are the beloved Ticos, the friendly, educated and humble Costa Ricans that make you realize why they call it Pura Vida – “pure life.”

Costa Rica Adventure Tours for Motorcyclists

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Needless to say, a country this rich in nature also provides incredible adventure for motorcyclists and riding through the country should actually be in your bucket list. Luckily, the Motorcycle touring Business is also well established and Costa Rica adventure tours for motorcyclists are indeed a flavor of the country. Almost every company involved in this business have elaborative listing of Costa Rica adventure tours for motorcyclists that you can make as per your interest and budget on a motorcycle. When planning for a trip to Costa Rica you can get yourself various motorcycle tour packages like:

  1. Motorcycle Rentals: Rent out motorcycles for exploring on your own. A good and reputed motorcycle adventure tour company will help you to rent a motorcycle for your adventure tours in Costa Rica. They will also help with the maps, GPS, Costa Rican cell phones, hotels, etc.
  1. Guided Motorcycle Tours: If you wish to spend time with other motorcyclists who also want to explore the country you can always book a guided motorcycle tour on adventure tours Costa Rica. Moreover, many travel companies provide a plethora of options for these guided tours based on your budget.
  1. Custom Made Tours: If you are like us and don’t really like sticking to a schedule when traveling (or anywhere else) then create your own custom motorcycle tour through Costa Rica. Many travel service providers in the country can help you to plan a motorcycle trip across the country and even to its neighbouring countries at your own pace. They can provide tailor-make motorcycle program as per your requirement. There can’t be a better way to ride through a country knowing your hotel stays and itinerary are all being supported by local know-how.

Pictures Courtesy: Costa Rica Trails

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