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M Staff


March 28th, 2017

Not many Formula 1 Drivers of the 1980’s can boast of beating the Lap times of legends such as John Watson (Multiple Formula 1 race winner) and Nikki Lauda (who needs no introduction) behind the wheel of the Championship winning McLaren Formula 1 car, well there is one such person and there is a very good chance you wouldn’t have even heard his name. Tommy Byrne had arguably the most natural of talents behind the wheel of a car and what can only be described as blistering pace, having made it up the ladder of Motorsports with absolutely no money and only his talent to fall back on. It had to be some serious talent if it can get him from nothing to being able to test the Championship winning McLaren F1 car, only to be preceded by the ability to post possibly the quickest lap times in his first ever test sessions and beat the time of the team’s full-time championship winning drivers.

It’s easy to think that as long as you possessed raw talent behind the wheel of the car, the rest of the aspects will naturally fall into place, it’s this deception that drove the career of possibly the world’s most gifted Racing Driver into the ground. Tommy Byrne’s life outside the car could put the proclaimed playboy lifestyle of James Hunt to shame. Tommy Byrne not only had the impeccable talent that got him to the Pinnacle of motor racing, but it got him there despite of his cocky attitude. Crash & Burn is the story of Tommy Byrne, who in an alternate universe would hold the legendary status that Ayrton Senna holds. The man who won exactly the same number of lower Formula Championships as the Legendary Ayrton Senna, all a year earlier, only to be forgotten after possibly his biggest break into the Pinnacle of the motorsport.

The movie crash and burn was released in cinemas on December 2, 2016. For those who haven’t been able to watch it then, the film is also available on the RTE player.

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