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January 2nd, 2015

Old Empire Motorcycles has their typical British styling when it comes to making customs. Alec and Rafe, the guys behind the Norfolk based company aim towards creating custom builds that have a modern-retro touch to them while keeping their British brattiness untouched. The ‘Bulldog’ is OEM’s seventh such creation, and by far the most unique of them all.

Old Empire Motorcycles Bulldog Front End Close up headlight and Tank

The headlights are wrapped in gold coloured mesh, 3CPO anyone ?

To give you an idea of the transformation, just Google for Yamaha Virago XV535, the base bike on which the Bulldog has been made. Yes, that same not-so-good-looking bike is the base on which the Bulldog is made. While the company is more known for creating bobbers from single-cylinder Enfield, this is one of their first attempts at a Japanese motorcycles from back in the days of rock and roll.

The front has been torn apart from the original motorcycle and is replaced with a set of beefy upside down forks. The wheels have been swapped for new 16-inchers that are wrapped around far Avon SM Mk2 Tyres. And the rear shocks which are dummy units are just there to compliment the look of the front forks.

While during the build Alec and Rafe decided to keep the foot controls at intact, preserving the original riding position which now makes for an easy rider styled seating. While they were at it though, they made a good decision of throwing away the distasteful tank from the original motorcycle, replacing it with a tank that resembles the Kawasaki GPZ500.

Old Empire Motorcycles Bulldog Tank Top View

The tank features more mesh detailing

The Bulldog gets its butch appeal from the custom made mesh cowl that wraps the headlights at the front, finished in gold, that also compliments the sides of the tank and the front fork. While on the other hand, the overall paint scheme consisting of silver, gold and black leather gives the motorcycle a timeless classy look.

The Bulldog is named after a single seat Royal Air Force name with the same name that ran in the 1920s. It is a perfect blend between originality and creativity whilst keeping the practical aspect of the motorcycle alive, a feat for which Old Empire Motorcycles are so well known of.

 Old Empire Motorcycles Bulldog – Image Gallery

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