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October 26th, 2016

Don’t Like The Triumph Bobber ? Now You Can Make Your Own Custom Bonneville Bobber On A Weekend

Triumph Motorcycles is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to presenting its Bonneville in every possible shape or form of motorcycle that exists on this planet. I won’t be surprised if in a few years there’s a Bonneville Chopper, dare I say so. But Triumph’s new Bonneville Bobber is a living proof that the company is ready to expand in every direction they see beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, the Triumph’s Bobber is a great looking custom motorcycle, that also benefits from manufacturer warranty. It’s great for someone looking for a stylish readymade custom Bonneville bobber without the hassle of getting into the whole customization fiasco. But for those who are little more deep into motorcycles and motorcycling would agree that the whole charm behind a bobber is the DIY aspect of it.

How To Make A Triumph Bonneville Bobber Without Triumph's Help 1

Don’t like the handebars ? British Customs have many options.

Traditionally, a bobber is supposed to be a motorcycle that is rudimentarily hammered out in one’s own workshop. They are the best examples of passion projects rather than something that should be purchased off a showroom floor. Sadly, no one has the time for all that anymore. And while this is my assumptions, the sort of people interested in picking up the Triumph’s Bonneville Bobber won’t be the ones having the skills to actually make one (myself included). So does it mean that anyone with amateur tooling knowledge is left with the only option that Triumph has to offer? Thankfully, there are other ways to get around the entire thing.

The latest solution comes from British Customs, a company well known for creating collaborative specials, while also being the ones behind developing a massive inventory of custom parts exclusively for Triumph motorcycles. These guys have recently come up with what they call “Weekend Projects” that allows riders to create their very own custom Bonneville bobber using off-the-shelf custom parts that are available with British Customs.

How To Make A Triumph Bonneville Bobber Without Triumph's Help 2

Weekend Projects is great for someone who already owns a Bonneville or a Speedmaster and wants to create a bobber from it. The parts that come with British Customs’ Weekend Projects upgrade package include everything that a rider would require for customising their motorcycle themselves with common tools and minimal efforts.

To kick off the Weekend Projects, British Customs recently collaborated with skateboard legend Tony Hawk to create a customised Bobber based on the Triumph Speedmaster called “The Birdman Bobber”. While firstly serving the purpose of raising awareness and donations for The Tony Hawk Foundation, the custom bike is also a testament of what is possible with British Customs’ upgrade kits.

How To Make A Triumph Bonneville Bobber Without Triumph's Help 3

Tony Hawk with The Birdman Bobber

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