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Good things come to those who wait… You would need to go no further than Deus Ex Machina to know this. It has been a long hard wait between starting to envision things and finally see them fall into place for Ben Marigot, bossman at the French flagship store in Biarritz, aptly named The Tenement of Tenacity. But the long, hard wait finally bore fruit when the store opened last year to welcome guests from France, Spain and everywhere else to have a sip of espresso while live and breath motorcycles and surf. To be honest, they couldn’t fine a better place. Biarritz is not only temple of surfing in France, but also the closest destination to hit the waves from Spain and the nearby town of San Sebastián. I look a detour on my trip from Le Mans to Madrid to visit the Deus Ex Machina France store, and help myself with a little tête-à-tête with Anthony Delttori who was filling in for Ben’s absence.

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