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The most beautiful old cars of the city of Düsseldorf are gathered in this exceptional rotunda which is actually a former locomotive hangar that has resulted from early twentieth century architecture. Today, the building houses a permanent exhibition of classic, exclusive and historic cars, as well as several small showrooms for car dealerships, parts and accessories suppliers, automotive literature, clothing, and model car models. Classic Remise in the true sense of the word is one complete automotive experience under a single roof.

Classic Car Center At Classic Remise Düsseldorf

Although this place is quite private for the uninitiated, Classic Remise is worth visiting for the beauty of its architecture and the collection of gorgeous vehicles that reside under its roof. I was lucky enough to be able to visit this location quite a few times, while being double lucky with the selection of cars on display, that have been quite different (and unique) with each visit.

The site opened in 2006 and has very few equivalents in the world. It is located in the south-eastern suburbs of Düsseldorf and it is better to get there by taxi or with your own car. Indeed, the site is not particularly well served by public transport. It takes about thirty minutes if you travel from Cologne, the nearest tourist town. Guided tours in English and German are offered to curious visitors who want to know more about the complex and the cars. Once explored, one can sit down and relax at the restaurant and brasserie that can be found in the middle of the showroom, perfectly located for a dining experience while admiring the beautiful metal laid out in front of one’s eyes.

Classic Car Center At Classic Remise Düsseldorf 2

Furthermore, if you are willing (and have the deep pockets that are needed), there is a great selection of cars presented by the dealers for sale. These machines come from across Europe, from various big events such as Retromobile or Techno Classica Essen, from some of Germany’s speciality classic car dealers such as Movendi and Bratke. Being in Germany, unsurprisingly, Classic Remise is flooded with German brands. While so, you would also find a great selection of Italian prancing horses, some roaring bulls and a few British machinery.

Classic Remise also provides classic cars owners with a unique opportunity to rent one (or more) of the 75 individual glass boxes to store their vehicle(s), where visitors can come and safely admire the historically important cars in their full glory. The maintenance of these vehicles is not left out with the possibility of calling on specialists in bodywork, upholstery or other directly on site.

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