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February 11th, 2015

Bad news for racing fans in the UK as this year’s British Grand Prix might not take place at all. Donington Park Circuit has withdrawn itself from the 2015 MotoGP schedule due to a deal turned ugly between the historic circuit and a new track in Wales.

Previously, in 2014, the Circuit of Wales signed a five-year deal with MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports to host the races, including the 2015 British Grand Prix on the new circuit near Ebbw Vale, which is still under construction and would not be completed till 2016.To fulfil their contract with the MotoGP promoter, the Circuit of Wales reached out to Donington Park to host the 2015 race, for which both the circuits reached a mutual agreement.

But recently, it seems that the deal between the two has fallen off with Donington Park alleging the Welsh circuit to have missed payment deadlines. In a statement released by the Donington Park circuit, it claims that the delayed payments have effected the circuit’s ability to prepare for the August 30 race.

On the other hand, the Circuit of Wales in their released statement claims that they have not been able to provide the funding to Donington Park due to the amounts exceeding those that were agreed to by a large margin. The Donington Park circuit hasn’t hosted a MotoGP race since 2009, thus there are quite a few upgrades that are needed to meet the new standards, hence the extra cost.

The only foreseeable option left now is to host the 2015 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which would in fact not be the most comfortable decision for both the circuits, since the future contract that has been awarded to the new Welsh circuit has been taken away from Silverstone.

Source: Doningon Park, Circuit of Wales

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