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Bhuvan Chowdhary


November 25th, 2017

Drive Coffee is made by petrolheads based in Southern California, to enable other petrolheads to get the perfect brew in the morning to kickstart their day, or a weekend drive. Each of their coffee blends are inspired by an important event in motoring event the machine we often love to associate with its motoring history – The Imola blend represents the quintessential Italian espresso, similar to how the namesake track and the Ferrari Enzo drawn neatly on the coffee tin is a part of Italian car culture. Then there is Le Mans which represents the relation between the French racing circuit with the Ford GT40 that destroyed Enzo Ferrari’s dominance there. The Targa blend inspires from the hills of Sicily where one of the world’s oldest racing event still takes place, along with the 1973 Porsche 911 RSR that won the event the last time the event was a part of the World Sportscar Championship. Finally there is the Trophy blend which celebrates Land Rovers and the incredible days of the Camel Trophy┬áthat took place on rugged terrain over South East Asia, Africa, Mongolia and South America.


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