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March 11th, 2016

The mastery in the art of car control begins even before one can start the car’s engine. While the brake and suspension setup play a major role in aiding proper car control, the drivers seat and the way it is setup is equally important. A good driving position could make all the difference between the car landing in a ditch or narrowly escaping a tricky situation when presented with one. It not only gives more command to the driver or his vehicle, but in a long run also proves as a more ideal posture to avoid back pains and body aches.

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In this video Porsche works driver Patrick Long explains in details how to setup the correct driving position with the newly-launched Porsche 911 R. Patrick stresses on the point that the ultimate correct driving position is the one where every control is easily reachable. To get maximum control over the steering wheel, Patrick explains that while seated, the wrist should comfortably sit on top of the steering wheel while one sits low, close to the chassis of the car, which gives better understanding of the way the car behaves to surface change.

The video the first in a new weekly series from Porsche called “Driving lessons with the 911 R” which in all way is the most apt car to be preaching fast, hardcore driving. Launched for 2016, the Porsche 911 R is poised as the company’s latest, most involving driving machine that goes back to the basics by offering the goodness of a manual transmission.

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