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February 4th, 2016

The greatest pieces of words are best appreciated when complemented by a gorgeous set of visual imagery. Without images any story is dry and feel incomplete. Photography is one of those talents that we appreciate the most. In image can speak a thousand words, and the people behind these images, the photographers are the one who create the magic. They are the ones who use their imagination as the tool and their cameras as the canvas to bring that imagination to life.

Being a photographer is challenging. Its not an easy job that needs great command over timing, a great eye for the way to shoot that reflects on the final output. So, it is absolutely necessary as a photographer to have the right tools to take to the job in hand. While the most important part of the kit is obviously the camera and the lenses that accompany… a photographer must also keep in mind the right tools to take care of their equipment.

DSPTCH a recently-formed company has come up with a wide variety of bags, cases and accessories that would benefit not only the photographer, but also the overall traveller. While the company has recently launched a brand new collection of camera bags, which can be found here, they also have a great collection of camera straps for photographers that are inspired from military design and are developed in such way that they are expected to last a lifetime. These camera straps by DSPTCH are available for both lightweight point-and-shoot cameras as well as for heavy-duty Digital SLRs. There are also a wide variety of styles to choose from. For more information of the camera straps, visit the DSPTCH website.

DSPTCH Heavy Camera Strap DSPTCH Wrist Camera Stap DSPTCH Standard Camera Strap DSPTCH Braided Camera Strap

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