August 26th, 2016

These days, it seems that a scrambler is what everyone favours to have with them. It sounds like quite a logical decision too, since a machine with such setup is perfect to serve multiple purposes. One can use it as an every day motorcycle while pottering about town, then take the very same machine without any changes for their weekend off-road excursions. Even manufacturers understood this likeable versatility of scramblers recently and jumped on the bandwagon with their very own offerings. But for someone like Richard, these offerings come out as being too generic and so he went head to build his own based on a Ducati 750 SS (SuperSport). It’s unusual, it’s unique and we quite like it.

Ducati 750 SS Scrambler by Richard Right Front

By the most basic definition that sums up a scrambler, it is primarily a street motorcycle that is later customised to handle the jolts of off-roading. So when few years ago, when Richard was out looking for the perfect streetbike as a base for his own scrambler, he couldn’t find anything quite unique to his liking. He went over countless Yamahas, Triumphs and BMW motorcycles before he landed his eyes on a 1994 Ducati 750 SS. The bike had all he was looking for; stiff suspensions, raw engine, performance and amazing handling. Getting back home, Richard got out his grinder to start working on the motorcycle to make it bespoke to his taste. In the process, he modified the subframe to fit a soft cushioned seat while the rear part was modified to fit a luggage rack. To make his motorcycle worthy both on and off the road, new Continental TKC80 dual sport tyres were added.

Richard, who hails from zwolle, Netherlands, believes in the concept of ‘lesser is better’, which is pretty evident from the end product he has built here. His very roughly made version of a scrambler is truly one-of-a-kind, while taking the term “scrambler” to its roots. A motorcycle that looks rough, because its made for the rough. While the modern factory-made scrambler owners tread carefully to watch the shiny paint on their motorcycles, Richard can happily blast past them in a fashion that truly suits a scrambler machine.

Ducati 750 SS Scrambler by Richard Tank and side Ducati 750 SS Scrambler by Richard Right Side Profile Ducati 750 SS Scrambler by Richard right side 1 Ducati 750 SS Scrambler by Richard Right Rear Quarters

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