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March 15th, 2018

There’s no doubt that the Ducati 848 is one of the most beautifully-sculpted Italian machines on two wheels that come from its era. While that being there, Madrid-based XTR Pepo hasn’t hesitated in pumping new life into the old girl by giving it a stripped-down appeal while keeping everything bright and sporty. This ensures that the new re-built Ducati 848 custom is not only more worthy as a street bike, but also gets a slew of new custom parts such as a custom fuel tank, solo seat, custom lighting, enhanced braking components as well as a brand new paint scheme from PINTUMOTO. All of that, plus upgrades to the engine, exhaust system, clutch and intake system to ensure that the re-built custom machine not only looks sharper than before, but is actually lighter and more powerful than its stock counterpart. Full build details here. Photos by Cesar Godoy.

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