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January 25th, 2016

This Ducati 900SS is transmuted by one of the builders from the Caribbean, the Wimoto; another example of their perseverance through their sheer knack. Their knack however is not only limited to just their motto ‘what you see is what you get’, but extends to the whole new horizon of bringing ideas to life, every time; this Ducati 900SS being a proof in itself. Based in the Netherlands, Wimoto is led by Wido Veldkamp who specialises in 3D CAD design and strength analysis. And that is one of the reasons their shop reflects the air of freshness and originality which works around their four pillar principal of Brainstorm, Design, Validate and Fabricate. However, they played a little differently this time (with Ducati 900SS) as the client already had the drawings rendered of the Ducati 900SS to take the making of this beauty to another level, keeping weight reduction and performance in mind.

It started with the simulation of the front and the rear suspensions. While the seat and aluminium tank were handmade, a Wimoto tune-up was given to the front suspension and at the rear, the original Ducati mono-shock was replaced by the dual shock to shed 35 kgs to up the handling of the bike than the original; thanks to the new 3.9 kgs custom trellis swing arm, the under seat custom exhaust system.

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