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January 26th, 2016

Ducati has high hopes for its Diavel line of power cruisers, which saw an update at last year’s EICMA motor show in a new belt-drive (first for Ducati) format, dubbed the XDiavel. According to Ducati, the XDiavel is like no other cruiser that is there in the market, with a 40-degree lean angle and a monstrous 160 horsepower engine. Everything is quite mental about the XDiavel.Ducati XDiavel DraXster Right Side Profile

And if things weren’t already quite lunatic with the XDiavelS, Ducati has showcased an even madder version of the bike at the Verona Motor Bike Expo. This new model is called the Ducati DraXster, which is a drag racing special of the original belt-driven beast. The machine is a design concept that is created to explore the possibilities that can lead to more mental and aggressive products from the Italian motorcycle maker that is now under the roof of Volkswagen Group’s Audi brand. The Ducati DraXster builds on the original XDiavel by adding Ohlins suspensions and Brembo disc brakes from the company’s Panigale Superbike.Ducati XDiavel DraXster Right Rear Three QuartersThe Ducati DraXster boasts the number “90” on the sides of its belly which denotes the 90-year celeberation of Ducati motorcycles which started operation in 1926. Ducati will never really make this mad looking DraXster machine, but as a concept and as an inspiration for custom bike builders, the DraXster is for sure an insane looking machine.

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