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May 11th, 2017

Some of the best memories are made crossing mountains on motorcycles. And when the said motorcycles come from Italy, it cannot get any better than that. Or does it? Well what if you get to ride the Italian stallions across their home turf for almost 600km spread over three days? Yes, that is what the Ducati Dream Tour 2017 is all about. And one better sign up soon as the seats are getting filled real fast. And why won’t they! Its three days of Ducati saddle time riding the gorgeous Emilian Apennines mountain ranges full of serene landscapes and endless twisty mountain roads. Its a must-do for any motorcycle fanatic.

Ducati Dream Tour 2017 03

Elaborately, the tour will commence with a visit to the state-of-the-art Ducati factory followed by a visit to the grand Ducati Museum in Bologna that houses iconic Ducati motorcycles and the company’s lineage over the years. There will be slew of Ducati motorcycles to choose from on rental basis, fees for which are included in the tour package cost. While some models are sold out, theres still the gorgeous Monster 797, the uber-stylish Multistrada 1200S as well as the newly unveiled Multistrada 950.


After a day full of riding and exploring the beautiful locales and mountain roads in Northern Italy, the night’s halt on the tour will be at the lavish and super-luxurious Resort Borgo Conde on all three days. Each tour has limited entries cutting it off at no more than 12 riders in each group so that it remains less compact and more elaborate as an experience to each rider participating. It is an extensively well-planned and leisure-filled ride complete with insurance, luggage van as well as roadside assistance all throughout. So the riders can leave all the worries and logistics to the expert tour team at Ducati and get to do one and just one thing, ride them motorcycles!


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