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July 31st, 2015

Ducati has made it clear that their new Scrambler is a lifestyle motorcycle, and the formula seems to be working really well for them as Ducati has managed to sell more than 9,000 Scramblers in the first six months of 2015. But no “lifestyle” brand is complete without a clothing or accessory range, and Ducati has just launched theirs for the Scrambler.

2015 Ducati Scrambler Apparel and Accessory Range Woods Knapsack

The Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessory range is broadly divided into casual clothing, motorcycle clothing and accessories. In the casual department, there are T-shirts for men and women in a variety of colour schemes, ranging from high contrast to solid colours, greys, yellows and whites. For the road, the range consists of a bags and backpacks in various sizes, shoes, gloves, helmets and goggles. There are also some stylish leather and textile jackets that can be purchased.

2015 Ducati Scrambler Apparel and Accessory Range T-shirt Moab Donna

And for those times when you are chilling around with your mates, camping or just indoors… the range offers a picnic blanket, mug, lighter, water bottle and a few other things that would make quite a bit of sense while in the outdoors.

Overall, the new Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories collection comprises of items that are well thought of with respect to the sort of lifestyle the owners would have.

To check out the entire collection click here.

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