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March 16th, 2016

The Ducati Scrambler is the modern epitome of vintage lifestyle. The curves in its bodywork take hints from its ancestor, the original Scrambler of the 60s. Underneath, the new Scrambler keeps more or less the same ideology of offering a machine in with bare essentials that enables the most amount of involvement while keeping things simple, meaning less would go wrong. The air-cooled engine is just right size for fun to be had while standard fitment of ABS ensures that a wider variety of riders can enjoy their experience with the Italian machine.

Since the last two years since the Ducati Scrambler showed up, it has been the Italian company’s best-seller, trumping the overall sales of almost everything else that they sell. The reason for the motorcycle to have such a great appeal is that Ducati has given it a very customisable character. Owners can choose to use the motorcycle as it comes from the company, or add bits to make it more to their individual taste. Ducati has even launched a wide accessory line that helps owners customise the motorcycle to their taste. And for those who are looking to create something truly bespoke can even go to extreme lengths of custom motorcycle building, as seen here with this custom made Scramblers.

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Skunk Machine is led by Carl Cerra who keeps an aim to feed the creative passion of the moto enthusiast, by achieving high quality design through innovative excellence. This automotive designer and a modeller in Melborne, Australia just happened to pick one of the highest selling motorcycles to makeover, the Ducati Scrambler. And because the volume of this bike is so high, every other Ducati Scrambler looks almost the same, even though the factory options list is extensive. That struck Carl’s mind, heart and this Ducati Scrambler by Skunk Machine started taking shape to stand out from the rest.

This Ducati Scrambler by Skunk Machine went through processes and techniques which are used in Automotive Design studios around the world. The only requirement of the owner was a pair of clip-ons and black and white paint, rest was all Carl’s call. And hence he got rid of the original seat line and plastic side cover. Carl wanted to keep it smart, and hence he made a bolt-on kit to help reduce time to transform for this Ducati Scrambler by Skunk Machine. While a stock tail lamp took place in rear bolt-on kit of the motorcycle, the Rizoma mirrors, indicators and a spanking new Termignoni Sport-Line Racing Silencer with a removable dB killer were a part of new part’s list.

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Images by Ben Galli

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