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January 12th, 2015

Ducati’s new Scrambler has been making waves all across the world. There are talks about the bike’s 70’s inspired retro looks, its potent engine and the lot, but there is one thing for sure, Ducati has a winner on their hands. The scrambler by far is the most awaited bike, not just in the developed markets, but in the developing worlds too, where fans of the Italian brand are just waiting to get their hands on the new low-cost bike.

Recently there have been a lot of concepts that have surfaced since Ducati’s new Scrambler was unveiled, and the creativity of the people doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. These latest design renders are from Gannet Design’s Ulfert Janssen. And he hasn’t made just one, but three different designs, that are completely different from each other.

The first design removes the rear tail section of the scrambler, exposing the seat. At the same time, there a shiny coat on the trellis frame, while the exhaust pipe is covered in carbon fiber. The tank gets a lovely red shade with artistically textured blue and black lines (similar to full throttle variant) the flying across it. The headlight is also gone, and is replaced with a large number disc giving it a racing derived look.

Ducati Scrambler Design Concept one By Gannet Design

The second concept gives the Scrambler a most rustic look. While the bodywork is mostly intact, the bike gets an external frame for protection and a massive bash plate at the bottom. The tank is finished neatly in brushed steel finish.

Ducati Scrambler Design Concept two By Gannet Design

Lastly, the their concept design takes the Scrambler towards a more tracker-oriented bodywork. Here the tank gets a rusted look and the side panels are replaced with drilled carbon fiber ones and the exhaust gets open pipes, giving the whole build a splash of aggressiveness.

Ducati Scrambler Design Concept three By Gannet Design

While all these builds are currently just renders, and some of the modifications shown would not be practical, it could lead to many ideas and spin offs that we would eventually see. The next few years are going to be quite exciting for the Ducati Scrambler it seems, where we would see a huge variety of custom machines on the roads.

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