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March 16th, 2017

Ducati has been donning the bedroom walls of every Motorcycle Racing fans for as long as the memory can date back. Ducati which is arguably considered the Ferrari of the Motorcycle world has been part of ever Motorcycle enthusiasts wet dreams for the sheer passion and heritage that precedes in its name. So, the equation really becomes irresistible when you throw in state of the art technology and drop dead gorgeous looks, oh! and you can’t possibly forget to mention the luscious red colour. Ducati as a brand has been catering to every segment of Motorcycling right from the Supersport, Adventure, Motocross, Supermoto and Scrambler. Nothing quite tugs on the heart string quite like a tastefully done custom Ducati, it’s like the cherry on top of an exquisite cake.

So when you think of customising a Ducati its has to be done ‘just right’ to do justice to the brand name and the admiration it commands, the bike in question here is a Ducati motorcycle built by Red Hot Chilli Customs, the “SS-MAN” is primarily a scrambler-type motorcycle that’s based on the Ducati SuperSport 750, an Italian exotic manufactured in the early 2000’s. The Ducati SuperSport 750 was known for its approachable nature and its brilliant handling, it was the kind of motorcycle that you could jump on and not be completely intimidated by its power, in that sense it found places in the hearts of enthusiasts for its ability to hone your riding skills and build you upto being a very good rider. The Ducati SuperSport 750 remained in the hearts of all its owners even after they moved on to bigger and more powerful bikes, as the one that truly taught them the art of riding.

Ducati SuperSport 750 Upclose

When a low-slung, supersport machine is customised for Scrambler duties, you really need to have a keen eye for keeping the positives of its Supersport roots, and build on its versatility for road and some trail riding. This is where Red Hot Chilli Customs have done a fantastic job, just looking at the motorcycle, you wouldn’t have the slightest clue that the base machine was a 750SS. Gone are the rounded aerodynamic fairing as they now have been replaced by two single retro style rounded headlights distinctively arranged in an angle.

The modified naked trellis frame is on display for viewing pleasures and the huge air cooled “V” Twin engine doubling as part of the subframe and aiding the bikes mass centalisation. The modified Suzuki GSX-R tank, the retro beige seat add to the minimalistic functional feel to the custom Ducati. The bike is finished up in a fresh coat of Military Green and the exhaust design with the brilliantly finished welds can become the point of admiration as you take a breather by the side of the SS-MAN after your afternoon trail riding session.

This custom Ducati is up for sale from Red Hot Chilli Customs for a staggering price of €6000 ($6427), a bargain in my books considering how this custom Ducati is nothing short of Functional Art.

Ducati SuperSport 750 Handlebar Ducati SuperSport 750 2
Ducati SuperSport 750 21
Ducati SuperSport 750 Ducati SuperSport 750 56 Ducati SuperSport 750 Side Custom Ducati Custom Ducati Rear

Image Source – RHCC

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