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January 27th, 2015

Ducati recently showcase three custom version of its new Scrambler at the 2015 Verona Motor Bike Expo. These sweet looking custom machines were designed by the individual tastes of bike builders Deus Ex Machina, Mr.Martini and Officine Mermaid and are one-off specials that the builders have made to show the world the awesome potential the Scrambler holds to a variety of customisation options.

Deus Ex Machina Hondo Grattan Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle: 

Deus Ex Machina Hondo Gratton Ducati Scrambler Right rear three quarters

The Hondo Graton is based on the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle while the bodywork has taken inspiration from the speedway race bikes. Filippo Bassoli, MD of Deus was very happy to deliver his promise of making such a bike after his incredible experience drift riding at Harold Park, Sidney in 2010. He also mentioned that there wouldn’t have been a more apt bike to get the job done than the Ducati Scrambler, as it offers the vintage inspiration but with all technicalities and features of a modern motorcycle.

Deus Ex Machina Hondo Grattan Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle – Image Gallery

Mr.Martini Cafe Racer Ducati Scrambler Classic: 

Mr.Martini Cafe Racer Ducati Scrambler Classic Right Front Three Quarters

Verona’s own builder Mr.Martini took the cafe racer route with the Ducati Scrambler Classic as their base bike. Their design is a showcase of the Scrambler’s potential to be turned into any sort of custom motorcycle that can be possibly thought of.

The builder’s design takes hints from the scrambler ideology and carefully blends them with touches of cafe racer themes. There is a high exhaust and knobby tyres that address to the scrambler bloodline while the faired headlight, flat body style and lowered handle bar take the overall shape towards a cafe racer.


Mr.Martini Cafe Racer Ducati Scrambler Classic – Image Gallery 

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2015 Ducati Scramber Custom Build Pirell SC-Rumble by Vibrazioni Art Design Right Side Profile

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Officine Mermaid Scratch Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro: 

Officine Mermaid Scratch ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro Right Three Quarters

The ‘Scratch’ by Officine Mermaid uses the Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro as its base machine, a move which allows the builders to build upon the rugged character of the original motorcycle. The name came as an idea of a motorcycle thats been damaged or scrapped, and it certainly goes with the extra rugged looks that make the machine feel like it’s been resurrected from a pile of metal.

The tank for instance, has been relieved of its immaculate paint finish and has been hand-treated to give a rustic look. Most of the body panels that are deemed “not-for-function” have been removed giving it a very bare to the bones look. To be honest, it does work on making the bike look totally bad ass.

Officine Mermaid Scratch Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro – Image Gallery

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