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September 15th, 2016

An Intense Visual Experience of Dirt Quake 2016

Dirt Quake 2016, an event organised by Sideburn magazine just completed it’s fifth year and has started grabbing attention of top motorcycle racers from around the world. More than purebred dirt track racing, the event is an envoy of how professional racing looks and feels without the actual hassles or expenses that are involved with it. Simply put, any motorcycle that passes the MOT (British road safety, emission and road worthiness test) was qualified to participate at Dirt Quake 2016. Apart from attracting big names in the motorcycle world such as motorcycle land speed record challenger and TT racer Guy Martin, the event also sees great participation from some of the best custom bike builders in Europe

Dirt Quake 2016

This short film written and directed by professional photographer Sam Barker is an emotional and visual masterpiece that beautifully narrates the happenings during the two days of Dirt Quake 2016. The visuals and slow motion is absolutely brilliant, but when combined with the poetic narration that goes on in the background, the film grips the viewer with an intensity that brings the dept of the event to life right on the screen. Short and sweet, this short film is a must watch.

Dust & Throttle: Dirt Quake 2016 by Sam Barker

DUST &THROTTLE from sam barker on Vimeo.

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