September 15th, 2016

Starting young with a E36 BMW M3

It is the very nature of cars like the E36 BMW M3 to wrap one’s attention and make them a admirer on first contact. Possibly the best handling car of the 90s, the E36 BMW M3 design is an unforgettable one, and the first to be ever perceived by computer aided design. At a very young age of 16, Oregon-based Bodie Teeples found out these virtues of the E36 for the first time when he was riding shotgun in his mate’s E36 BMW M3 convertible. And that first visceral experience was quite enough to make car buying choice an obvious one.

So the savings began for this young E36 M3 fan. Once he had enough money to fund his dream machine, the now 19-year set about to find himself the perfect machine online. After a lot of searching, a well-maintained white 1997 E36 BMW M3 on Craigslist caught his attention. A brief look into the car’s history quickly revealed that the car was immaculately maintained by both previous owners. While 170,000km on any current M3 engine might sound like a lot, there has always been a certain immortality associated with older machines that keeps them going on much longer than newer counterparts. Apart from the fact that most old German cars were built like tanks, they also had fewer electronics and complications to go wrong.

1997 E36 BMW M3 Left Front Quarters 1997 E36 BMW M3 Left Side Profile 1997 E36 BMW M3 Top Right

Once home, all the 3.2-Litre E36 BMW M3 needed was a new power steering, something that should be expected for overhaul after 170,000 miles. The slightly-lowered and cambered M3 that could have once been a track day tool, was now ready for a new life. Bodie says he is new to cars, but going by his choice of machine, it would be hard to imagine so.

In a world where youth are attracted by every shiny new thing out there, one buying a car thats almost his own age is quite distinct. The BMW M3 is one of those cars that presents the most distilled, soulful driving experiences. Acquiring one at a young age of 19 make for a motoring aficionado with a fine taste for better things to come.

1997 E36 BMW M3 Rear Quarters E36 BMW M3 1997 E36 BMW M3 Rear Left Quarters

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