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on May 11th, 2016

This Land Rover Defender 4 Door For Sale Is Stuffed With A Corvette V8

The world around us just loves the Land Rover Defender, this is not just a car that is among the most iconic ones ever created, but it also finds a lot of love from custom builders, its straight no crap design being a canvas to create individual statements of one’s character. From creating luxurious customs to all about more powerful iterations of the Defender, custom builders have always been trying to do something new, something bolder with the Defender, thus, enter the American custom builder East Coast Defender who have created this Land Rover Defender 4 door for sale which is stuffed with a massive corvette v8.

And their creation, the ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’.

The one you see in these images, this ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ has only one purpose, and that is to scare the wits out of mountains and trails with its authoritative and sinister all black treatment on the outside and a change of heart to a Corvette LS3 V8. Now, the Corvette’s small block V8, among all the ways to make a classic go fast, is the world’s favourite engine swap by builders to get their builds some serious speed, thus this ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ gets one too. The engine is good enough to propel this humongous SUV, the ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ acceleration figures of just seven second, surprisingly fast for such a heavy vehicle.

ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ Front Three Quarter

To manage all the power that this new Corvette V8 brought to the ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’, East Coast Defender, based out of Kissimmee, Florida added to it a tried-and-tested GM’s 4L80E automatic transmission while heavy duty Ashcroft drive shafts and axles transmit all that Corvette power to the ground with the help of a pair of limited-slip differentials. Furthermore, ECD also replaced the old school lever type all wheel drive operation with a smooth and modern push button unit.

Other additions to make the humble Defender go all out to become this Land Rover Defender 4 door for sale from East Coast Defender adds a whole list of equipment such as a Magnaflow exhaust, a two-inch Terrafirm suspension lift kit, front brakes that have eight-piston while the rear brakes have 6 pistons. Adding to that entire sinister and aggressive look is the use of a Wild Bear bumper that has a 10,000 pound winch hanging off the front while the aggression is further enhanced by a Kahn wide body package.

ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ Headlight

Towards the interior, the ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’, is all upmarket and beautifully laid out. The interior sees a use of a lot of hand stitched leather all across the dashboard, door pockets, and the console. The leather upholstery gels well a set of Corbeau leather racing seats, a Momo steering wheel, and an eight-speaker JBL sound system that is good enough to sound this vastness of the car’s interior.

So would you take this gorgeous looking ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ out for some dune bashing and mountain carving or would just let it prowl on the city streets scaring the wits out of lesser smaller cars? Do let us know in the comments below.

East Coast Defender Land Rover Defender 4 Door

Land Rover Defender 4 Door Interior

Land Rover Defender 4 Door rear Three Quarter

ECD Land Rover Defender ‘Beast’ Seats

Land Rover Defender 4 Door

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