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March 8th, 2016

Blasphemy! Heresy! Those might be the first words that might touch your tongue when you first hear about an all electric Ferrari conversion, and we wouldn’t blame you. We went through the same emotions when we first stumbled upon the car. But the more we got to understand what the all Electric Ferrari was, it started to slowly make sense.

Ferrari 308 GTE- Electric Ferrari By Electric GT 3

The car comes from a company called Electric GT which is the brainchild of Eric Hutchinson. And the car in question is a Ferrari 308 GTE where the ‘E’ stands electric. You would have guessed by now that the base Ferrari used for this conversion is an Ferrari 308, a GTS to be exact that came from 1978. And the next thought that might run through your mind would be “who the heck in the sanest of minds would ruin a perfectly good looking, and great sounding Ferrari 308!!”. After all, the 2.9-litre naturally aspirated engine making 240 bhp is more than half part of the overall appeal of the car, after one is done admiring its beautiful Berniletta body that is. So where is the plus point in doing all this you might ask…

The Electric Ferrari was an idea that came to the Hutchinson while he was sipping cold beer with friends, and the idea was to use a platform that had the potential of a great handling machine, that could be made even better. The red Ferrari 308 GTS that he found was a car that had already seen its day. It was a car that had been quite literally burned to the ground due to a fuel leak, down to it’s interiors, engine and all the wiring. In other words, the car was a complete write-off in a way that it could have not been brought back to life by usual means, how Maranello would want it to be. It it would have been any other way than Hutchinson’s, the 308 would have been left there to rot, and would have never seen tarmac ever in its life. Instead, Hutchinson who himself is a dedicated car lover, who loves building and racing automobiles, picked up the Ferrari and decided to bring it back to life and the most retro-modernistic way that he knew best of.

Ferrari 308 GTE- Electric Ferrari By Electric GT 5 Ferrari 308 GTE- Electric Ferrari By Electric GT6

What we are left with then, is a Ferrari 308 GTS that rose from the ashes, quite literally… and was given a brand new heart to march on into the future. The guys also made sure that whatever functional engine bits that were not needed after the electric conversion were put to good use by handing them over to other Ferrari owners.

And while you might still cringe and the whole idea of purity being lost, according to Gear Patrol, the car is now a much better handler, since the electric motor and batteries are mounted lower than the engine (bettering the centre of gravity), while the power output now stands at a modern-supercar-equalling 400bhp instead of the 240 horses that came out of the original V8. While this Ferrari might have lost its vocal abilities, its still holds on to its sex appeal, now with a more nature-loving heart.

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Photos: Electric GT

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