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December 9th, 2015

Carry-on Transport

Picture a bike that can fold into the size of an umbrella. Now imagine that very bike becoming a quite portable backpack that can also store some of your belongings. This revolutionary ultra-compact folding bike from Sada Bike does exactly the same, while keeping full-size 26-inch wheels for proper road use. Created by Gianluca Sada, the SadaBike can be quickly de-assembled and folded to the size of a regular umbrella that can be then stored in the provided backpack. The hubless wheels form the outer shell of the backpack, leaving enough space in the middle to store items such as laptops and books.

Sadabike Folding Bike 5

To take the concept of usable innovation further, the backpack that easily house your daily drivers while storing the entire bike, can also be expanded for added storage and can also be used as a wheeled suitcase (riding on SadaBike’s hubless wheels)that can be dragged when on flat surface.

Sadabike Folding Bike 9 Sadabike Folding Bike 8 Sadabike Folding Bike 6

The bike’s look contemplates its futuristic design and the vision of making it better and compact. The way the bike is designed is to create an ultra-portable transport solution that can be easily carried into offices and homes and can be stored with great ease without sucking up too much space.

Sadabike Folding Bike 4 Sadabike Folding Bike 3

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