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April 17th, 2016

Very few times would you hear Tesla and McLaren in the same article. This is one of them.

Today, we look at Elon Musk as the man behind some of the world’s most famous and loved companies. From SpaceX to Tesla, Musk has created his own breed of technological marvels that make his brands some of the best that mankind has seen from over decades.

While so, what Elon Musk is today is because of what had has achieved over the years by striking various successful business ventures. When in his late 20’s, the younger Musk who had just popped up to fame in the Silicon Valley for making his fortune by selling Zip2, an online publishing software to newspapers for $400 million. After this success, Musk went on to make X.com, an online banking system that in one way or the other was later moulded into what we know today as PayPal.

But it was between the sale of Zip2 and PayPal, when Elon Musk was a mere millionaire (now a milti-billionaire) started his to get involved with his love for high-performance cars. In this video recently dug up by Valleywag, Musk is seen eagerly waiting on the streets in from of his home for the delivery of his brand new $1 million McLaren F1.

Elon Musk is a bona-fide car guy, and that has been clearly visible in his taste for automobiles from almost two decades ago. And if you were wondering why the Tesla cars, like the Tesla Model S P85D (with its insane acceleration) and others aren’t the dreary and horrid eco-boxes that other electric cars are, there might be a little bit of this McLaren F1 to thank for.

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