August 4th, 2016

The classic car division at BMW keeps restoring cars that come from an era gone by every now and then. But its seldom that the team there gets to work on something as special as this BMW 507 owned by the King of Rock’n’Roll Elvis Presley.

This particular BMW 507 bearing chassis no. 70079 has a long rockstar-like story of its own. Purchased by Elvis as a used car while he was in Germany serving for the US Army, the 507 previously belonged to racing driver Hans Stuck who had piloted the car to countless hillclimb wins in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Elvis Presley purchased the car from a used car dealership in Frankfurt, and the 70079 traveled with the icon back to United States once his military service ended.

Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Raced by Hans Stuck

Hans Stuck at an hillclimb event with the BMW 507

From here, it was a downward fate for the BMW 507 as Elvis almost immediately parted ways with it. Since then the car went missing, only to be recently found by BMW Group Classic with a Jack Castor who had acquired it in 1968. But before Jack had got his hands on it, the 507’s chassis had been mercilessly cut up to accommodate a larger more powerful Corvette engine and gearbox.

Since BMW Classic acquired the 507 in 2014, the team have persistently worked on the car to get it back to its original condition. Finally after 2 years of backbreaking work and re-creating several parts of the car from scratch the BMW 507 of Elvis the king lives one again to tell the story of it’s old rock’n’roll days.

Elvis’ BMW 507 which now has the stock 3.2-litre V8 in its original tune of 150 bhp, and its cut down frame has been meticulously reproduced to original geometry. The car will be on display at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach California on August 18 in its exact same shape and form as when Elvis found it on December 20, 1958.


Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Before Restoration

Jack Castor handing over the car to BMW Group Classic

Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Parts Before Restoration Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Bonnet Before Restoration

Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Right Side Profile Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Right Front Top Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Right Front Quarters Elvis Presley BMW 507 Roadster Left Rear Top

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