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on March 13th, 2015

Italy’s first electric superbike manufacturer Energica Motor Company has recently appointed the Corporate Advisory Group of UBS as their sole financial advisors to look for new Italian and/or International investors. The company is looking for these investors for financing the development and production of the company’s motorcycles on an industrial scale.

Currently, Energica has the Ego and the Eva models in their lineup of motorcycles for the international markets. The company has been experiencing constant positive growth in the last year in the wake of electric motorcycles and vehicles in general gaining huge popularity. The company recently extended their dealership network to Canada in a partnership with W.C. Distributing.

By getting new investors the company would be able to scale up their operations, allowing it to rapidly expand business, as it meets new global demands.

The company’s first motorcycle, the Energica Ego produces 124 bhp of power and a massive 195 Nm of torque, which is 50% more than its rivalling Italian flagship superbike, the Ducati 1299 Panigale. While power is up, so is the weight. The Ego weighs in at 257 kg, a full 90 kg heavier than the Ducati, resulting in loss of acceleration.

As electric motors and technology keeps getting better, the prices of electric vehicles would gradually reduce and become more affordable. But as of now, the Energica Ego costs a hefty $34,000 for the base model and a whopping $68,000 for the limited edition.

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