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April 10th, 2017

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What started out as a movie showcasing of the street racing scene in the city of Los Angeles back in 2001, has snowballed and built the most hardcore fan following around of the world. In addition, it has successfully managed to attract millions of petrolheads over a span of 16 years and 7 movies. The most enthralling aspect of the Fast and Furious franchise has been its ability to up the ante of cars, racing and underground street racing culture with every passing movie. The new movie of the franchise Fast and Furious also called Fate of Furious promises to take it to a whole new level. As the series grew in size, the star cast has gone on to include some very formidable names in Hollywood, but the good part about is that it has still stayed true to its roots of making the cars as much as an attraction as the list of actors in the movie. Here is a checklist of some amazing cars which have been used as the Fast and Furious 8 Cars.  

Subaru BRZ

Fast and The Furious 8 Cars - Subaru BRZ

Fast and Furious 8 cars. Subaru BRZ. ©DW Burnett / Puppyknuckles /TheDrive

The BRZ has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a very sorted chassis. The 2.0-litre boxer engine doesn’t churn out an obscene amount of horsepower but its low center of gravity rewards its drivers by enabling them to carry formidable speeds into the corner and nail the apex. The already brilliant BRZ has been fitted with a Rocket-Bunny wide body kit with flared wheel arches to accommodate bigger and wider wheels. Furthermore, the body has been stripped out and installed with a roll cage and a hydraulic e-brake to bring out the drift character of the car. On the horsepower front, the BRZ has a remapped ECU for slight power gains and a locking differential at the rear to help initiate easy drifts. Images via – The Drive

1966 Chevy Corvette

Fast and The Furious 8 Cars- 1966 Chevy Corvette

Fast and Furious 8 cars. Letty’s Chevrolet Corvette. ©DW Burnett / Puppyknuckles /TheDrive

If you have been keeping a check on the characters and their pick of cars throughout the Fast and Furious series, it would be no brainer to guess that this is Letty’s pick. Letty’s character in the series has had similar taste to her love – Dominic Toretto. Though Dominic prefers the big muscle cars like Dodge Challengers and Camaro’s, Letty’s preference is with shorter wheelbase cars. The 1966 Chevy Corvette in the movie has an engine swap to run the new Chevy Crate motor pushing out 400HP. Moreover, the 1966 Corvette was known for its lightness as it was dressed in a fiberglass body, meaning, it fits in perfectly balancing old-school power of American Muscle and a sporty feel. The car was upgraded with power brakes and a power steering, to make life a little simpler for the stunt drivers of the Fast and Furious 8 cars. Images via – The Drive

The Latest Trailer

51 Chevy Fleetline

Fast and The Furious 8 Cars- 51 Chevy Fleetline

Fast and The Furious 8 cars. Chevrolet Fleetline, screenshot from the official trailer.

This car has already got the fans excited for the Fate of Furious, from featuring in a bizarre and adrenaline pumping scene in the trailer of the movie. This is a perfect Rat-Rod for Dominic to be racing in Cuba, with almost a scrap yard look to the car and the visibly mammoth turbo sourced from a boat’s diesel engine. The backstory to Dominic racing the 51 Chevy is that he is set to race against the fastest street car in Cuba. In the process, he tries to remove as much weight from the car as possible, hence loses the fenders, the doors the seats, etc. The 51 Chevy Fleetline is equipped with a boat’s turbo with a moderate 5psi of boost, in what can arguably be the crudest way of making more boost and power. Dominic blocks the wastegate valve of the turbo to extract as much power as he possibly can. It’s safe to say all these shenanigans makes for one of the most spectacular, edge of the seat scenes of the movie.

1960 Dodge Charger (Hero Car)

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Also known as Dom’s Ice Charger.

The 1960 Dodge Charger has been as much a part of the Fast and Furious 8 cars as the character Dominic Toretto himself. Right from the first movie where the 900HP Charger driven by Dominic pulls a wheelie off the lights, has gone on to become one of the most iconic scenes of the series and has captured the imagination of scores of fans all over the world. It would be nothing short of being ‘Painful’ if the producers didn’t get the iconic charger back for this one, and it’s good to know that they haven’t disappointed a bit. Not only is the Charger back for the Fate of Furious but the producers have made the car look and drive more “Bad Ass”. The sequence featuring the Charger in the movie is shot on an all ice lake, being snow as it is the car had to be heavily modified to be able to be driven on slippery conditions of ice and snow.

For starters, they have converted the rear wheel drive platform of the 1960 Dodge Charger to all-wheel-drive as traction is required on all four wheels of the car. The motor is swapped from an LS Chevy V8 for moving the weight of the engine more towards the center and aid better handling. The engine is considerably behind the front axle and almost sits under the dash of the car, the chassis is completely custom built with only the roof and the A-Pillars being the only remaining structures from the original car. The car is in fact so well suited to pulling snow drifts that it could transition from crazy drift angles on one side to another without spinning out. To support this, the custom built differentials at the rear and the extremely fast steering ratio, going from lock to lock in less than one full turn of the steering wheel have done a fantastic job.

Bentley Continental GT

Fast and The Furious 8 Cars

Fast and Furious 8 cars. Tyrese’s Bentley Continental. ©DW Burnett / Puppyknuckles /TheDrive

This is Roman’s pick of cars for the New York sequence which is basically the team’s first encounter with Dominic Toretto after he goes rouge. The car fits in perfectly with the character of Roman Pierce, who has a just as much taste for luxury as he does for speed. The Bentley Continental GT is also done in a tasteful combination of Burgundy and White along with upsized rims. Under the hood of the car is 6.0-litre twin turbo W12 engine giving the car the speed to keep up with its fabulous looks. Images via – The Drive

Mercedes AMG GTS

Fast and The Furious 8 Cars

Fast and Furious 8 cars. Ludacris’ Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. ©DW Burnett / Puppyknuckles /TheDrive

This European muscle car is driven by none other than Tez himself. The AMG GTS has a matte silver paint with black paint stripes and is a representation of Tez’s taste in exotic cars. The car is powered by 4.0-litre V8 engine producing 500HP and 650NM meters of torque, making it go as fast as it looks. This car is part of the New York scene in the Fate of Furious, which is promised to be packed with action and some formidable driving scenes.

The Fast and the Furious team seems to have definitely got the right cars for an action-packed movie. Only time can tell if they have done justice to the capabilities of these cars in the driving scenes, for all of us fans out there, let’s hope they have and we get to witness an absolute spectacle and have our racing thirsts quenched. Images via – The Drive

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