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February 13th, 2016

In 1963, the Porsche 901 came in as a successor to the small but enjoyable Porsche 356. But due to a naming dispute between Porsche and Peugeot, the 901 name had to be changed to 911. Little did Porsche know that the 911 name would become such a successful badge that would establish the German brand with such acclaim.

Since its inception, many have doubted the capability of the Porsche 911 due to its inherent flaw of having its engine mounted at the back of the chassis, a design that would unsettle the handling of the car for the worse. But the company kept committed to the layout, working way around it to enhance the handling of the car, not submitting to the usual mid-engine layout that most supercars adopt to. That, mixed with almost-unchanged silhouette that carries the iconic teardrop shape is the very fundamental ideology that has defined the character of the Porsche 911 throughout the last 50-years or so.

This awesome and quirky animation created by Donut Media, takes us through that very journey of the iconic silhouette of the Porsche 911. Starting all the way back from the 901, of which, only 82 cars were created, the animated video beautifully journeys towards the hip-80’s 911 which got their first turbochargers… and all the way to the present model which have been further fitted with liquid-cooling and a slew of electronic driving aids and technologies. It is a beautiful showcase of how very little has changed on the outside of the car, so much similar to the sheer driving pleasure that the 911 offers along with the advancements in driver aids and technologies that have along the way.

H/T: Road & Track

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