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January 26th, 2017

Exocet Miata Kit Car Turns A Mazda Miata Into A Wild Track Day Beast

Despite what the internet might tell you, the Mazda Miata is one of the most successful roadsters that has ever been created. Inspired by lightweight British roadsters of the 60s, the Japanese car is all about keeping things simple. Even today, 28-years after the first Miata stepped off the production line, its creators have not strayed an inch from the core principles of making the car; a lightweight chassis and engine that has the perfect 50:50 weight distribution between front and rear axles, while keeping the driver at the centre of the experience. While many enjoy their Miatas the way they come from the factory, some prefer to spruce up things a notch by adding all sorts of engine and drivetrain combinations. There are turbocharged Miatas and V8 Miatas (such as the CJ Wilson Racing Miata in the video below) all over the place, and also some really special builds like this one with a beautiful sounding Jaguar V6. In the end, a custom Miata is all about exploring your creativity, something the guys who created the Exocet Miata kit car have captured in the most uniquely imaginable way.

We have the Austrian KTM XBOW or the British Ariel Atom which have all performed exceptionally well. And this is why Exomotive kits is the real deal as they strip down a MX-5 in the United States and deliver an Exocet Miata, which is as fast the Europeans mentioned above. To talk about practicality, the Exocet is a light vehicle, has a Miata Engine with its steering and braking systems installed on the chassis specially designed by Kevin Patrick and his team. With hundreds of colour options, the Exocet can be truly customized as per your likes and preferences.

Miata Kit CarExocet Miata Kit Car

The Exocet Miata kit car has a front engine setup like the Miata, the chassis is a reengineered marvel of tubes and metal floors that houses a rear wheel drive layout. To ensure safety, Kevin and his team have designed the Exocet kit car with roll bars to protect the driver and co-driver in nasty situations. Yes, you heard it right, the Exocet has place for a co-driver as well.  The Exocet is available in three versions – Base with Miata engine, Sport with Miata Engine and Turbocharger and Race with a full-fat LS V8 engine. With a power output ranging from 100hp to 700hp and weighing just 1600lbs, the Exocet is geared to be one heck of a track day tool. As a background check for reliability, Exomotive has sold more than 500+ Exocet Kits worldwide, head to their website to see if this one cuts the mustard for you.

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