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An adventurer’s bucket list essential…

We all have that undying desire for adventure and to taste uninhibited freedom in the lap earth. The thrills of a great drive through the wilderness of the world are unmatched and once you get a hang of those, there is no turning back. And when there are talk about driving and wandering through the harsh natural habitats of the planet, it would be a shame not to talk about Antarctica, Earths last true Wilderness.

Over a 100-years ago Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach South Pole and ever since, it has been the biggest and the baddest wilderness challenge for the thrill seekers to conquer. Now, a company aptly called as The Expedition Company has just announced the launch of a short series of participatory Trans-Antarctic expeditions. Moreover, this expedition company will chart the exact route that Amundsen took to reach South Pole.

The Expedition Company South Pole Road Trip

Should you choose to be a part of this epic Antarctica Expedition, you will get to drive from the Ross Ice Shelf via Leverett Glacier to the South Pole. The automobile supplier for this Antarctica Expedition is Arctic Trucks who have collaborated with The Expedition Company. Arctic Trucks has been operating in the Arctic for some years now and are a well established name in the industry.

Also, these were the same guys who handled everything from logistics to the entire journey for the famous BBC ‘Top Gear’ North Pole Journey. These blokes having their Head Quarter at Iceland have also been regularly conquering Antarctic for some time now. In fact they have already amassed more than 200,000km on the Antarctic ice cap. During these, they have supported scientific expeditions, record-attempts and also handled the entire logistics of the much known ‘Walking With The Wounded Charity South Pole Expedition’.

The Expedition Company South Pole

The Expedition Company South Pole


If that is not all, The Expedition Company also supplies vehicles for seasonal as well as permanent bases on “The Ice”. In fact they have truly transformed the way people travel to these secluded harsh cold extreme locations. Thus no wonder these fine folks have achieved a legendary status of reliability and safety with an unparalleled knowhow of these extreme conditions. This is why, getting a chance to drive along these guys for an expedition through Antarctic is simply a chance that should not be let go by.

The Expedition Company

The Expedition Company has scheduled around three Expeditions that will be crossing Antarctica north/south or south/north through some of the most thrilling and interesting terrain the continent has to offer. The major route will lie between the Union Camp, which is fairly close to where the Ronne Ice Shelf meets the Antarctic mainland, and Amundsen Coast Camp which is located at the base of the Leverett Glacier. This is where the Glacier spills into the Ross Ice Shelf around the foot of the Trans-Antarctic Mountain range. Needless to say, this expedition promises to be utterly spectacular with breathtaking thrills everywhere.

The Expedition Company  Team


This event of a lifetime isn’t just a usual tourism itinerary of the Antarctic, something that is big in the western peninsula. In fact, this is a through expedition and will take you deep into the icy wilderness of the region. And the biggest excitement clearly about this trip is that you will get a chance to visit the South Pole. And while you are at it, should the weather conditions permits, you can also be a part of a World Record attempt for the fastest trip from Amundsen Coast to the South Pole, and even if this doesn’t excite you, you need to get help.  Along with it, there can be a few other experiences based on the weather conditions that you will be able to have during this expedition, such as:

  • Cross-country skiing especially in the last few kilometers in to the Pole.
  • Climbing highest mountain peak of Antarctica, Mt Vinson
  • Snowmobiling from Union Camp
  • Other specific visits to new places around the Ross Ice Shelf.
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