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September 1st, 2017

If one tries to run their imaginations deep to dream up the perfect mystical land, chances are that they would pretty much end up painting the perfect picture of Norway. A country that brings together steep mountains that seem to rise high up from the sea, interconnected by the most beautiful ribbons of tarmac in the whole world. Norway is the epitome of remote living, where culture, lifestyle and trends thrive on a seemingly disconnected landmass that is seemingly distant, yet so well-connected. The country’s 50,000 islands and 51,000 miles of coastline come together in the beautiful harmony of its bays and the fjords. Land Rover recently took their latest car, the Range Rover Velar on an adventure across Norway. There’s clearly no point talking about it anymore, rather than looking at the beautiful landscapes and experiences that come along with it.

Photos courtesy Land Rover

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