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March 11th, 2016

Most brands today have realised that creating age-old marketing advertising for their products does not cut it anymore. Consumers and viewers of the internet today are looking for special, unique content that addresses to the emotional side of the brand’s niche. Such is the thought behind this new YouTube spot created by lubricant maker Pennzoil called “JOYRIDE”.

Joyride is a short 2-minute film that brings forth a driver (highly skilled we must add) who finds a 660 bhp Ferrari 488 GTB on an empty track and thus takes full advantages of these settings. Lubricated by Pennzoil’s Synthetic motor oil, the Ferrari is soon unleashed onto the empty night streets of Barcelona in a style that many of us car nuts can only imagine. The film ends with the words “To be continued” which is a great way of saying that more entertaining action is to be expected, something similar to the brand’s previous adrenaline filled work “Before Airlift Drift” that featured a brutal 707 bhp Dodge Hellcat Challenger.

Watch the crazy sideways action in the video below as the yellow supercar muscles out corners on the racetrack and then onto the streets in a barely legal fashion creating the most glorious sounds and sights while doing so. Glad we have more to follow.

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