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September 29th, 2017

With the beginning of the 1950s came the introduction of the first Formula One World Championship. The very same year Scuderia Ferrari was also introduced, the only racing team that till date has never missed out on a single Grand Prix season. The new team with a very ambitious Enzo Ferrari at the helm were determined to dethrone Alfa Romeo, who were having a flawless year during the 1950 season of the F1 World Championship (they won all 11 races, 6 World Championship and 5 Non-Championship events).

Enzo Ferrari once said, “Racing is a great mania to which one must sacrifice everything, without reticence, without hesitation.” This, of course, wasn’t just a play on words, as his eventual goal was to push his machines to the ragged edge of engineering to ensure that the last bit of speed was extracted from them. This was an era of stiff competition, unproven engineering and daring drivers who had gotten a bit too accustomed to living on the knife’s edge, all for the glory of holding a victory at the next motor race.

The 1950s thus would be one of the deadliest decades that motor racing ever saw. In the middle of it all was Enzo, Scuderia Ferrari and their drivers. Ferrari: Race to Immortality tell the story of the triumphs and tragedies that ensued during this decade between Ferrari’s most celebrated drivers Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins, where both had a decided that there is no better glory than the topmost position that outcomes from the weekend of speed.

Cover Image: Ferrari: Race to Immortality

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