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Xavier Soquet

Cars, Features

June 1st, 2018

Ferrari Racing Days is a must for every car lover and even more for Ferrari TIFOSI. With a year-round calendar, Ferrari Racing Days takes place all around the globe. I recently visited the event that was held from May 11 to 13 at one of the most (if not the most) beautiful racetrack in the world – Spa-Francorchamps. This event offers a lot of spectacular action on track which comes from the Corse Clienti department of Ferrari.

First of all there is the Ferrai Challenge championship with four races, two for each category. This championship comprises the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli (for professional drivers) and the Ferrari Challenge Coppa Shell (for amateur drivers). There are really good battles between the 488 Challenge cars and drivers have to properly get a win, especially in the Trofeo Pirelli category, while in the Coppa Shell, the performances are more disparate.

The big show comes from the XX Programmes and F1 Clienti. Both of these two Corse Clienti activities allow big customers to acquire crazy XX cars, F1s or maybe both and let them go wild on the racetrack.

XX Programmes is about cars specially developed for the track and produced in very limited numbers. They are based on Ferrari 599, the Ferrari Enzo and even the LaFerrari. These cars are packed with crazy aero and outstanding performance. The owners give feedback from their track sessions to the Corse Clienti engineers and help for future production Ferrari cars development for example. A vast range of the XX cars was present at Spa including two FXX Evoluzione, many FXX K including one FXX-K Evo and a lot of 599XX (EVO and non-EVO).

F1 Clienti is the other big thing. While the lucky customers drive their F1 cars on the most prestigious tracks on earth, it also gives to these cars a second life. From F2008 to ex-Schumacher F2001 or ex-Alonso F138, there were several F1 cars on track (plus a very special Ferrari 333 SP). The fact to see these cars driven is incredible and is not seen everyday. The looks, the sounds from the golden era of motorsport is a sight to witness, both visually and aurally… V12s, V10s and V8s screaming in the Belgian Ardennes sounds like a dream on earth, right ?

This event is absolutely worth a visit for every petrolhead, and I give props to Ferrari for keeping its heritage alive this way (among other ways). Can I hear these engines one more time ?

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