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December 18th, 2015

Furniture Therapy.

A good chair makes such a big difference when the need of the hour is relaxation… and a lounge chair is a category exactly for this very specific reason. The whole purpose of the lounge chair is to provide a relaxed and comfortable posture for one to rest on, whether its taking time out for reading a book or watch a movie… or just sit back … let the thoughts melt over some soothing music.  A good lounge chair works best when combined with a similar, made-for-the-chair ottoman rather than one thats mixed an matched.

Here below, we take you through some of the best armchair and ottoman combinations that would be perfect for a comfortable relaxed experience.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

from Herman Miller

Best Lounge Chairs Eames Lounger and Ottoman by Herman Miller

The Eames needs no introduction. The brainchild of Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, created for Herman Miller, the Eames Lounge Chair is one of those pieces of furniture that every other Lounge chair in the world is judged against. The Eames Lounge Chair since has become an iconic design that has been replicated in almost every part of the world. Made from a combination of molded plywood that was pioneered back in the 1940s, the chair is hand-assembled with parts that are fully replaceable by Herman Miller, making it a one time buy that would last you a lifetime.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Egg Chair and Ottoman

from Republic of Fritz Hansen

Best Lounge Chairs Egg Chair and Ottoman by Arne Jacobsen

The Egg Chair is the second most iconic chairs to have come during the modern age since the Eames Lounge Chair. Conceptualized and designed by Arne Jacobsen for the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1958 the biomorphic Egg design of the chair is created in such way that it compliments the curves of the human body. While most of the chair makers focus their efforts on created tubular metal structures as the main skeleton for chairs, the Egg Chair utilities an upholstered shell in one smooth flowing since piece, that is then mounted on swivel base to get the perfect posture.

Best Lounge Chairs Egg Chair And Ottoman by Republic of Fritz Hansen

Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman

from Vitra

Best Lounge Chairs The Grand Repos

The Grand Repos is an idea put to place by Italian designer and architect Antonio Citterio. With his background of creating a successfull multidisciplinary design studio, Antonio started established Grand Repos in 2011. His idea behind the design of the Grand Repos was to combine to utility of a task chair with the elegance of a lounge. The result is a very comfortable chair that features a full range of biomechanical motion, offering crazy amounts of seating options. Be it sitting up and reading or lying back for a short nap, the Grand Repos can be adjusted to suit to each need. Featuring a full reclining motion that can be locked at any position desired, the lounge chair also provides excellent lumbar support with adjustable back tension.

Best Lounge Chairs Grand Repos

Metropolitian Chair and Ottoman

from B&B Italia

Best Lounge Chairs Metropolitan Chair by Jeffery Bernett For B&B Italia

After rising to fame at the Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in 1996, Designer Jeffrey Bernett created the Metropolitian Chair for B&B Italia in 2003. A perfect blend of Italian styling and comfort, the swivel armchair and ottoman combination features a neck rest that is installed over magnets that enable it to be adjustable for people of all heights. The chair features an upholstered in fabic steel frame fitted with to a extruded aluminium swivel base.

Best Lounge Chairs Metropolitian Chair and Ottoman by Jeffry Bernett

BoConcept Boston Armchair and Ottoman

from Vitra

A mix and modern take on the Egg Chair, the BoConcept Boston Armchair and Ottoman comes in a vast variety of fabric and leather options. Featuring a swivel base that also supports tilt funtions, this beautifully thin armchair provides ample support to cocoon an entire grown man in comfort.

Best Lounge Chairs BoConcept Boston Chair

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