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M Staff


February 16th, 2016

This video wraps up the magnificent history of the Ford’s European performance car and motorsport division’s racing activity called as the Ford Team RS (RS stands for Rallye Sport). Ford’s racing DNA was unleashed back when Henry Ford did a top speed of 20 mph in his Qudricycle in 1896 which continued when he overcame his rivals later on in his own designed racing car. Ford claimed its first Grand Prix in 1967 in a Lotus-Ford by Jim Clark. And that is when Ford’s Team RS took birth in 1970 for rally racing with the Escort RS1600 twin cams to be precise. Since then, Ford has been building rally cars which have won championships, right from the Ford Capri RS2600 to Ford Focus RS Mk lll. Ford Team RS has a recorded win of 3 manufacturer’s title and 2 driver’s titles.

While this video emphasises more on the rally part of Ford’s history, the story told in just about less than two minutes, is not only mesmerising but is so much inspiring that it will definitely give you goosebumps. Also, part of this documentary features none other than the multi-talented and currently the co-owner and the Head Hoonigan In Charge (HHIC), Kenneth ‘Ken’ Block, who never fails to drop our jaw.

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