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March 3rd, 2017

The collection of Formula One posters by Jan Rambousek and Petr Milerski from Unique and Limited looks absolutely stunning, a must have home/office decorative item if you are a die-hard fan of Formula One racing. What strikes the most is the attention to detail given in the poster. Every image created is based on a real-life historical event, to be highly accurate they gathered over 2000 original picture references for every project.

In the poster, the car is developed from scratch to accurately match with the manufacturer’s specification. To give realistic background effects, 3 highly specialised artists complete the task in about 5-months time. The team also visits the event location to capture the actual race surroundings, they perfectly depict the presence of race spectators through high-quality lenses of Hasselblad cameras.

Browse through their ultimate collection of Formula One posters that include the McLaren M23, the Maserati 250F and the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows W125. Available from $45, they are a perfect home-décor item carrying the Formula One Racing Heritage. Apart from posters, Unique and Limited also offers racing and automotive-related books… all of which can be bought here.

James Hunt Formula One PostersFormula one posters Maserati

Formula One posters McLaren 2

Formula One posters Mercedes Benz

Image source – Unique and Limited

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