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October 21st, 2015

One of travelings suckiest things is carrying luggage, and all kinds of it. While most of us rejoice a trip that consists of only a carry along back, there are major crevases in that department too that have gone un-noticed for years. The wheels for example, on a regular travel bag are majorly unstable when the surface is not flat causing the one who carries them quite a tense traveling exercise. G-RO is here to address this inherent flaw of travel bag design and go further beyond.

G-RO New Travel Luggage Bag Design Animation 2

G-RO is a collaboration of industrial designer Netta Shalgi and business strategist Ken Hertz who decided to bring to reality a product that would change the way we travel. The major eye-catcher of the bag’s design are its large wheels that increase the stability of the bag, while making it less effortless to pull under any sort of surface condition.

G-RO New Travel Luggage Bag Design Animation Packing

To add more, the team has also devised an optional compact electronics module that has a location tracker, proximity detector and a massive 23,000 mAh battery that is more than what you need to charge any darn gadget you wish to travel with.

The G-RO has already gained some healthy popularity on Kickstarter with most of their pledge slots already filled up. If you like the project and would like to back yourself, click here.

Watch the G-RO from concept to product:

Via – Kickstarter

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