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July 17th, 2019

What happens when you take the buffest body builder at your gym and force him to take a range of steroids and boosters? You get the BRABUS black ops 800 and the BRABUS shadow 800.

Mercedes-benz’s premium performance modification group have put their hands on the already monstrous G63 AMG and revamped the car so much that they got two versions out of it.  As soon as you let your eyes on both of these mean SUV’s you get a feeling that they aren’t just SUV’s but rather super SUV’s. On the other hand BRABUS are calling them supercars all together! Both the trucks are tuned to produce 800hp of power and a whopping 1000nm torque at a meager 3600rpm’s! This power is produced By a 4.0 liter twin turbo at its heart. This allows both the 2.5 tonne hulk sized cars to catapult from 0-100 kph in 4.1 seconds! And the top speed has been electronically limited by BRABUS to 240kmh. Both the cars are equipped with BRABUS’s WIDESTAR body kit and humongous platinum edition 23 inch forged wheels giving it a beefed up stance. The custom BRABUS sports exhaust comes in many modes as it is electronically controlled, it has modes from “coming home” to “V8 howl”.

The black ops 800 is given a all glossy black and has a lot of design additions including a wide roof scoop a huge grille with two red strut’s with abundant red detailing on the rims, brake calipers and interior. The interior is dark gray and black leather along with red contrast stitching. Some notes of brushed aluminum and carbon fiber make the interior truly unique. It also gets LED bars on top of the windshield.

The shadow 800 is inspired by BRABUS’s shadow 500 performance boat, the land version gets painted in the same gun metal grey as the boat and features only detailing in gloss black, giving boost to its big fenders and bumpers. The shadow uses more carbon fiber than the black ops indicating its relation to its predecessor, the shadow 500 boat. On the inside it is more colorful than the black ops by using more combinations of black, grey and red.

Both are covered with BRABUS logo’s all over them and an embossment of 1 of 10 on the dash. BRABUS are making only 10 numbers of each and hope to hit a very exclusive market.

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