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January 5th, 2016

Season’s greetings! In this edition of our ‘Gear For The Petrolhead This Week’ we bring you fresh gear from around the world that focuses on the automotive enthusiast. Our selection for this week includes an illustrious photo book on racing, cool petrolicious T-shirts, accessories for cars and a beautiful field watch.

Le Mans 2015 Yearbook

24 Le Mans yearbook 2015

After the tri-colour flag off, the annually held 83rd version of Le Mans in the town of Le Mans, France exposed some awe-inspiring moments in the history of the very sport. Jean-Marc Teisseddre and Alain Bienvenu, the begot of a ‘Yearbook’ have covered the event’s biggies in photos & texts; and Sport Auto’s Marcus Shurig has brought the technical analysis for you is what brings us to the first in ‘Petrolhead gear for this week’

This 264-page ‘yearbook’, apart from forwards from the Automobile Club I’Ouest president Pierre Fillon includes the momentous victory of the German giant Porsche, who claimed their seventeenth successful victory against all odds with HD photos and which is out and You can own it now.

Heather Grey Petrolhead Tee

Heather Grey Petrolhead tee

With planet earth tilting more towards the sun now, resulting in climate changes and warmer weather, welcome the spring season with 60/40 Cotton/Polyster comfortable fabric tee; the second in our ‘Petrolhead gear for this week’. This tee is something which, unquestionably, one would want to add to their spring wardrobe when days are going to be longer and the summer id going to round the corner, making this tee a best deal to use in both the seasons. For details click here.

Cobra CPP 8000 Jumpack

Cobra JumPack CPP8000

Nowadays charging you tablet or your phone has become as important as jump starting a car while its battery is totally drained out. This is time when you might think of versatility or wish for one single device which can do both. Well, fourth in this week’s gear update we this jump starter which comes with jump starter cables, 2.4 amp USB rapid charging port and a built-in LED flashlight will not only impress you by its mobility or by its size (so small that you can store it in your car’s glovebox) but its versatility as well. The Cobra CPP 8000 Jumpack can not only jump start your car to start or resume your journey but it can boost your tablet or phone to get that grin back onto your face on-the-go. For more details click here.

Neutron A car phone or tablet holder mount

Neutron A car phone or tablet holder mount

Okay, first of all, those worried about a holder with magnetic field need to worry as this magnetically shielded. Hence, practically your device cannot be affected. Available in two colours, Anodized Aluminium Silver and Deep Space Grey Black, the holder is made out of solid aerospace aluminium, is bead blasted and anodized and contains Neodymium magnets for the magic hold without affecting the device. The hold is strong and yet your phone or tablet can be placed and removed easily, it can be directly mounted on the dash of the car using the supplied 3M VHB tape and can resist temperature variances as well. To buy click here

Standard Issue Instruments Field Navigator Watch

Standard Issue Instruments Field Navigator Watch

Known as a substitute for other casual watches, the Standard Issue Instruments Field Navigator Watch is water-resistant to 100 metres, this watch will not only complement your casual look but is a decent replacement for your other casual-wear as well. Made from stainless steel (Surgical Grade 316L) the Standard Issue Instruments’ Field Navigator Watch sports a Swiss-made Quartz Rhonda movement, has a 12 hour timing bezel with directional demarcations for field navigations based on sun positions and encompasses a C3 Superluminova luminous paint on the dial for better visibility at night. Click here for more.

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