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February 9th, 2016

The Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns is just what a adventurer would want. Feuerhand, means ‘Fire Hand’ in English, the makers of these lanterns, Hermann and Ernst Neir found a production site in Beierfield, Germany back in 1893. Since then, Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns have been a part of this tradition for more than 100 years now, the Original Hurricane manufacturers. Imagine a hundred year old German company making lanterns, which has been guiding people, showing ways, right through the ups and downs of the world war has come up with these Baby Special 276 lanterns encompassing some of the latest technologies and embodying the older times.

Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns

The ‘Made In Germany’ cold blast lantern comes with a heat-resistant glass which provides long lasting gentle and ambient light. The duration of the same is up to 20 hours of maximum burning time. It measures 10” H x 6.1” W, weighs only 520 gms and its fuel tank capacity is 340ml (that will be 32 oz). Feuerhand Hurricane Lanterns are not only odour and smoke free but because they’re zinc plated, they’re corrosion free as well. There are total 10 colours available in this lantern: Zinc Galvanised, Jet Black, Olive, Sparkling Iron, Cobalt Blue, Bronze, Ruby Red, Moss Green, Signal Yellow and Pure white.

Buy: $49
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