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May 28th, 2015

Italian specialist Givi has launched an entire aftermarket accessory range for the new 2015 KTM 1050 Adventure. The accessories are designed to work both for adventure riders who prefer to stick to tarmac roads as well as the ones who tread to go off-road on their new adventure motorcycle.

The accessory line consists of a complete luggage carrying system for which the racks are made out of 18 mm tubular steel pipes that are capable of fitting the aluminium Trekker Outback sidecases. There is also a top case attachment system with the help of an aluminium adapter plate which can accommodate both Monokey and Monolock top cases. To add more luggage carrying capacity, Givi is also adding a tank filler flange which would help mount the Tanklock tankbags.

In addition to to the luggage systems, Givi is also offering two new windscreens for the adventure motorcycle. The first one is 17 cm taller than the stock while the other option has an adjustable type windscreen that can provide upto 12 cm of travel. Both the windscreens fit on existing mounting screws and require no modifications.

To add to the rider’s touring comfort there are other side accessories available too. There is a side stand extension that adds more area at the base, giving the bike more stability when parked. For protection, Givi will also be offering an aluminium sump guard and steel engine protectors.

As the adventure touring season opens up in Europe, Givi will provide the pricing for their entire accessory list shortly as the products become available at Givi dealerships.

Source: Autoevolution

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