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March 31st, 2017

Planning a day-trip to your favourite location on your motorcycle? The GIVI Universal Bag for Crash Guards is geared to be an apt luggage companion for such situations. Made out of TPU nylon, it carries waterproofing abilities to ensure your luggage is dry throughout the journey. One of its rather interesting features is that it can be attached seamlessly on the motorcycle panniers. To make things simpler, GIVI provides essential straps for the D-rings to fasten it on crash guards and aluminium cases like the Outback and Trekker Dolomiti.

GIVI Universal Bag

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For a day’s trip, I think 5-litres of luggage space of the GIVI Universal Bag for Crash Guards is quite sufficient to store essentials and valuables. The materials used in creating this bag complies with the REACH regulations, so it is safe to use as it doesn’t cause any impact on human health and environment. Its reflective imprints also add to the safety aspect by providing visibility under low light conditions. Additionally, the roll-up closure ensures that the contents inside the bag would stay fairly dry under changing weather conditions. To know more about the Universal Bag for crash bars, click here.

GIVI Universal Bag

GIVI Universal Bag


Image source – GIVI

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