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February 15th, 2018

While Glenfrome Engineering of England were building custom Range Rovers primarily for the Arab market since the 1970s, it was this custom Range Rover that made them instantly famous. This futuristic re-bodied Range Rover was designed by Dennis Adams and featured a fibre glass body that was placed on top of the original Range Rover body.
The Glenfrome Facet was the oddest Range Rover-3
The mid section featured a targa roof (possibly the only time a Range Rover had something like that) that was detachable and could be stored underneath the bonnet.

The Glenfrome Facet was squarely aimed at the rich middle eastern Sheiks who Glenfrome though would find the Facet quirky and futuristic enough to be a must have in their collection of original and re-bodied Range Rovers. Priced at £55,000 in 1983, 50 examples of the Glenfrome Facet was ever made.

The Glenfrome Facet was the oddest Range Rover-2 The Glenfrome Facet was the oddest Range Rover-1

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