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April 28th, 2016

Land Rover is a marque that has created its very own niche in the history of overland vehicles. Started as an idea to create a post-war civilian off-road vehicle by the Rover Company’s chief designer Maurice Wilks, the inspiration came from the Jeep, which was used in army duty during the war. The original design was quite rudimentary and was built to serve the basic purpose of an overland vehicle that could be used everyday. Never would have Wilks imagined that his idea would be such a fantastic success, getting the Rover Company out of the shackles of a possible bankruptcy.

While today we know Land Rover for very capable off-road range of models – Defender, Discovery, Freelander and the mighty Range Rover, the beginnings of it all were simple, yet utmost purposeful. In this hour-long video with superb and very detailed narration from none other than the “Worlds greatest living explorer” -Sir Ranulph Fiennes, we explore the journey of Land Rover from its very first drawing in sand to it’s success and global acclaim. The video showcases the development of the very first Land Rover Series I, further into the idea behind the Series II and Series III machines and moves on to narrate the company’s thinking and the further creation of some of the world’s greatest overland vehicles ever made.

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